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Alkali-resisting Capacity of Our High Imitation Gold Mosaics Crafts

Alkali-resisting Capacity of Our High Imitation Gold Mosaics

一. Why do imitation gold mosaics have to be resistant to alkali?
The original surface of most buildings (such as bathroom walls, floors and swimming pool walls) are made of cement. Cement consists of 3CaO·SiO2, 2CaO·SiO2, 3CaO·Al2O3 and 4CaO·Al2O3·Fe2O3. CaO reacts with water and generates Ca(OH)2, which has strong alkalinity. If the Imitation gold mosaics are not resistant to alkali, they will be corroded and then fade because of oxidation.

二. Main Chemical Reactions During Coagulation and Hardening When Cement Reacts with Water1)、3CaO·SiO2+H2O→CaO·SiO2·YH2O(Gel)+Ca(OH)2;
Ca(OH)2 is alkaline liquor, which is the main chemical substance making the aluminum golden foil oxidized.

三. The cause of the fading of other ordinary imitation gold mosaics

Other ordinary imitation gold mosaics are made of aluminum, which reacts with alkali very easily.
   2Al +Ca(OH)2+2H2O =Ca(AlO2)2+3H2
  Remarks: Ca(OH)2 is the alkaline substance generated by the reaction between cement and water.
.  The reason why our high imitation gold mosaics are resistant to alkali and will not react with alkaline substances like cement
Our company takes the lead in successfully using silver (Ag) as the material to produce high imitation gold foil and silver foil. According to the Periodic Table of Elements, Ag does not react with alkali. The activity of metallic elements (strongweak) is as follows:
 K    Ca    Na    Mg     Al    Zn     Fe     Sn     Pb (H)      Cu     Hg     Ag     Pt    Au
Remarks: Substances marked in red react with alkali, and substances marked in blue does not
react with alkali. Each substance is less active than the one on its left.

五. High imitation gold mosaics made of silver make the usage of golden mosaics wider

1.Our high imitation gold mosaics can be installed with ceramic tile cement, mosaic sticker, white cement, etc. Namely, all kinds of powder stickers can be used.
1. Our high imitation gold mosaics are resistant to alkali, and thus can be used in wet areas such as bathroom, swimming pool and outdoors.
2. Silver will react with sulphur, so our high imitation gold mosaics can not be used hotsprings.
3. Be careful if you use liquor or gel stickers, because many liquor and gel sticker contains sulphur, which will react with silver.

六.  A quick and simple way to check and compare the quality and alkali-resisting capacity of imitation gold mosaics
Using this method, you will no longer need to wait until the golden mosaics are installed and used for a long time to know whether premium alkali-resisting mosaics. With this method, you can tell within 24 hours which products are good and which products will fade after installation.
Buy a bottle of power NAOH. Put 20 grams of the powder into a glass bottle and then add 100 grams of water. Use a glass rod to stir the water until the powder dissolves. Wait for 15 minutes, and then put the golden mosaic chips received from different suppliers into the bottle. After 24 hours, you can check the chips. The chips which fade can not be used. Those chips which do not change at all are premium imitation gold mosaics.
Rmarks: The alkalinity of NaOH is much stronger than that of cement. During this experiment, make sure that your skin and all other parts of your body are protected from the liquor. If you touch the liquor, please keep washing your skin under the tap for a while. Please go to hospital if things go worse.

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