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Established in 2005, ZF Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd is located in Guangdong, China, where manufacturing industry is flourishing. ZF has brought in complete sets of advanced Italian production equipments for gold mosaic. Our factory is equipped with a large number of professional and technical personnel, perfect quality management system, advanced production equipment and modern workshops. ZF has 2 brand systems – one is imitation gold foil mosaic (mosaic painting, murals, etc), and the other is stained glass mosaic.

Originating in China, gold foil is a kind of Chinese traditional handicraft, and the use of it can date back to 1700 years ago. In the traditional way of making gold foil, the gold bars with gold content of 99.99% are used as the main material. They have to go through more than 10 special processes, so as to acquire golden color, soft brightness as well as amazingly low weight and thickness (less than 0.12 micrometer).

With the historical responsibility of passing on the great Chinese civilization, ZF devotes itself to the development of imitation gold foil mosaic, making gold no longer expensive and making gold mosaic and its culture now available for the common people. As the independently developed products of our factory, ZF imitation gold foil mosaic owns complete intellectual property rights. Our imitation gold foil mosaic has achieved a unique style through the special product formula and mature technological process. Its effect is highly close to real gold. In other words, nothing can dwarf it only except
real gold.

ZF imitation gold foil mosaic has passed the strict inspection of the authority and can adapt to various environments. It is widely used in places such as swimming pool, background wall, bar counter, ceiling, aisle, pillar and so on. At the same time, it is the representative of luxurious decorations for hotel, nightclub, senior leisure club, KTV, featured shop and house. Its stage can go as far as you can imagine.

Unique appearance and shape. Warm color mix. The fragrance of lavender is floating in the air, making you feel the fantastic life experience while you are still half-awake.

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